Helpful Hints

The clinic is within a wellness center located in a beautiful grey Victorian house on the southwest corner of South Main street and Boulevard. Parking is off-street, located behind the house and accessed from Boulevard.  Enter the building from the parking lot and I can be found on the first floor within  Zen Body and Mind.

We ask that you please remove your shoes as you enter the waiting room.

Bathrooms:  Can be found on the first floor, on the right as you enter the house.  


West Hartford, CT

91 South Main Street

Amherst, MA

69 South Pleasant Street

Details Below

Two Locations: 

Helpful Hints

The office is within a charming, historic building on the southwest side of South Pleasant Street, just across from the Amherst Town Common.  Parking is on- street or in the two large public lots across the street.  Enter the building from the front and I can be found on the second floor inside office suite 203; right at the top of the stairs.  The building does not have an elevator. 

Bathrooms:  Can be found within the office. 

West Hartford