A list of modalities that are primarily used in treatment appear on the right.  Which ones used depend on the presentation of the body on that given day.  Sometimes the body may need more skeletal support while other times it may need more soft tissue work.  Regardless, treatments are typically a combination of several modalities to most effectively address the body's area of greatest restriction and kick start its self regulatory mechanisms.

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Specializing in

Manual Medicine

What we offer you

We offer an alternative to the conventional.  By recognizing the integrated wholeness of the body, its inherent, self-regulatory mechanisms, and the relationship between structure and function, we are able to offer more hope and support to patients suffering from pain, dysfunction, disease and disability. 

We believe the manual therapies we offer are the new apex for health and recovery.  They are non-invasive, drug-free healing modalities which are based on countless clinical case studies and scientific research.  These manual therapies are a gentle, hands on approach that has yielded dramatic results for people with a wide variety of aliments. 

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