when its treatments included arsenic, castor oil, whiskey and opium.  After he was forced to stand helplessly by and witness three of his children succumb to meningitis - to which mercury was the treatment of choice - his view of medicine would drastically change.  He devoted the remainder of his life to the study of the Human body and finding alternative ways to treat disease. 

1. The human body is an integrated unit - completely inseparable from head to toe.  A unit of body, mind and spirit.

2.  The body houses self-regulatory mechanisms which have the inherent ability to defend, repair and remodel.

3.  Structure and function are intimately related.

4.  Rational and effective treatment is based on applying these principals.

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The art and science of Osteopathy began as a search for a solution that conventional medicine could not answer - how to effectively treat the cause of disease.  It was a trained physician and surgeon who began to question the current medical model, which he felt relied heavily on treating symptoms in an ineffective and sometimes harmful manner. 

It was the late 19th century and the doctor was Virginia born, Andrew Taylor Still.  To him, modern medicine had its shortcomings, especially 

Principals  of Osteopathy

Roots Of Osteopathy